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Our Products

Here are just some of our Products on Offer. Note That Promotional Prices Supercede the below prices. Terms and Conditions Apply. Prices Effective 1st January 2017

Our Hosting features

If you have any questions or you would like detailed explanation before commiting to a product feel free to contact us or schedule a meeting.



Our Servers are Spread across the globe and we make sure we rent in strategic locations while those kept at home are also up and running



As a business grows so does its storage needs which is why we do not limit our users on how much space they are allowed to use.

User Accounts & Security


All your emails are hosted on a secure server and you can create multiple accounts with different privileges for managing your site using the CPanel



We do not cap the speed of data transfer so you are assured of the maximum speed possible when accessing/managing your site for both you and your users

Lightining Fast Storage

SSD Drives

We use Solid State Drives which are faster unlike legacy Spin drives. Users are guaranteed a 99.9% Uptime


Daily and Monthly

We conduct backups of files upon request from clients