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About Us

What We do

Moses Nderemani Inc. is a Technology company whose main focus is Marketing. We Develop and Introduce Latest Technology products that will help you get the exposure to make the Sale! That's what business is about after all anyways, Selling. Through our Innovative Business model and in-house Technologies we are able to offer our products at low Costs without Compromising Quality or Market Standards. We believe in equity in the market place that is Small companies/businesses should be able to afford the same services large companies/cooperations can without hurting their profits or capital which is why we offer dynamic pricing for all our products.

What we are aiming for

Currently the main focus is on web hosting but we do more than websites. We offer Marketing Consultancy, Advertising, Branding, among many other activities in the field of marketing. Our current focus is on websites right now because alot of businesses have a small online presence if any. We intend to populate the web with as much content as possible to help customers make decent decisions offer convinience while at the same time the businesses involved are getting the exposure and making the sale they need.

Why is it Cheap

Imagine a minibus and imagine a taxi. If you get picked up every day to go to work by taxi it would be expensive than it would if you used a minibus. The same logic applies if you share that taxi with someone it would also be cheaper compared to if u boarded it alone. thats the Math with cheap web Hosting. Instead of one client per server and wasting the other resources unused we make sure every drop of processing power is utilised by putting enough customers and access on one server, as the needs for a customer grow our algorithms adjust accordingly. All this is made possible with our innovative inhouse technologies to save you money, thats why we are here, so that those funds can be used to grow other areas of your business.Inshort you get charged for what you use. The only difference with us is that you wont even know you are in a minibus it will just be like you boarded a private jet and thats a promise we make to every single client that they are unique and get a personlised service as if they are the only person in the world.

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